DBS AdultFirst Check

A DBS AdultFirst Check can be carried out in addition to an enhanced DBS Check.

It is exclusive to the health sector, allowing employers recruiting for posts that involve working with vulnerable adults to check whether a potential employee appears on the vulnerable adults barred list.

A DBS AdultFirst Check can only be issued when there is a real danger that staffing levels will fall below statutory obligations.

Below are the two possible results of the DBS AdultFirst Check:

  • No match exists for this person on the DBS Adults Barred List – This means that the applicant can begin working straight away however they must be supervised at all times until their Enhanced Disclosure Certificate is completed.
  • Please wait for the DBS Certificate before making a recruitment decision regarding this applicant – The applicant must wait for their Enhanced Disclosure Certificate to arrive before they can begin working.

DBS AdultFirst Check
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